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Simple technique of growing clean vegetables in foam pots at home

Posted by admin at 20/07/2018

Self-growing vegetables in a foam container at home is the choice of many families in the city because of the simple, easy-to-grow, manageable, safe and convenient method of growing vegetables. But growers also need to ensure proper vegetable farming techniques to ensure food safety and nutritional value of vegetables.

The technique of planting clean vegetable plants in a foam box is very easy to implement, with just a little effort and time to wait, the clean vegetable crop planted by hand to ensure safety will come the day of harvest.

How to grow clean vegetables at home, then planted with foam pots is the simplest and easiest to implement. In addition, you can take advantage of the old brass, basket, pots …. To make vegetables planting utensils, be careful to create drainage holes for these items.

Use simple household items to create plant pots: Styrofoam bins, seeds, soil, compost, bricks.

With porous pots, need to cut drainage holes, usually from 6 to 8 holes 1 pot, should not be too large, will loosen the soil, if planting trees that need to drain quickly, can use wire mesh or plastic netting the holes were cut in the box, ensuring drainage and not getting soiled.

With old types of brass, pots, baskets, plastic should be chosen to be durable and easy to clean. It is also necessary to make holes like a porous box to drain water, with the basket with holes, it is possible to insert 2 together into a pot to plant, will be durable and avoid losing soil. All pots for planting should avoid direct contact with the ground by placing 4 corners high to balance to facilitate tree circulation.

Note: Brick blocks avoid holes in the bottom of the box

Do not sow too many seeds into a bucket, avoiding the situation that the plant will grow thick, the yield will not be high. You can grow aromatic herbs like mint, basil, … the same box, but plants like peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, … should grow separately in different boxes. After sowing, use thin cloth to keep warm, stimulate seeds to sprout quickly.

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